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Your source to buy carpet tiles. Whether it is running line, closeouts, or discounted carpet tiles, we can meet your need.

Professional quality carpet at an affordable price is what you get when you order from Best Carpet Value. Our high quality residential tiles are designed to transform a home into a cozy, welcoming environment. Our commercial line offers a professional look without costing you a fortune to put down. When you explore our unique line, you will notice it lays down flat in seconds and looks like traditional rolled carpet when it is installed.

In a relatively short period of time, you can take out old flooring and replace it with these tiles to transform a room into a beautiful living space with gorgeous flooring. Best of all, in the event there is damage to a section of carpet, you don’t need to rip it out or replace the entire carpet. Instead, you can remove the carpet tile squares one at a time until the area looks brand new; that can save you thousands of dollars each time. You can even switch out any tile quickly and effectively with a new color or pattern as often as you like.

For those who are pressed for time and need a fast, effective solution, peel and stick squares are available. There are some great styles and designs in this line to help you create a beautiful carpet in a fraction of the time and cleanup couldn’t be easier. Even the outdoors can be transformed with the heavy-duty options made exclusively for using outside your home or office. This extends the comfort of carpet into areas that might not traditionally have it to create a one of a kind space you can lounge in and enjoy while being a topic of conversation at your next dinner party.

When you need to add high quality, convenient flooring at an affordable price, consider choosing carpet tile for the job.

When it comes to discount carpet tiles and clearance carpet tiles, Best Carpet Value, located in the Dalton Georgia area, has what you need. We have a large inventory of great products at discounted prices!

Very few floor coverings are as versatile as carpet tile. The ease with which they can be installed into almost any space makes them perfect for those hard to reach areas of your home or business. Discount carpet tiles are the perfect answer to any home improvement budget since you can find tiles made by all the top manufacturers, such as Shaw, Mohawk, and Bigelow, all at tremendous savings to you.

If you need a floor covering that will stand up to even the most intense foot traffic, the durability of carpet tile will amaze you.

Made from the most wear resistant materials, this floor covering is made to withstand the constant use that it will encounter in areas where high traffic is unavoidable. This durable, versatile floor covering is also very easy to clean. If you have pets or children, you know the value of a stain resistant floor covering and carpet tiles are perfect for playrooms, kitchens, or any other areas that are prone to spills or other mishaps. In the event that a portion the carpet does become damaged, you needn’t replace the entire carpet. Rather than spending hours replacing the entire floor covering (not to mention the cost involved), simply replace the damaged tile with a new one and the problem is solved.

Closeout carpet tiles offer everything that you need in a floor covering. Great prices, a wide choice of colors, styles, and patterns, as well as durability and ease of maintenance are just a few of the things that make carpet tile a wonderful choice for your home or business.

Carpet is an effective choice for flooring. Since it is easy to lay and has an impressive appearance, more people are choosing to use it for their flooring needs.

For your home, you have the opportunity to create a warm, comfortable room. There is also commercial carpet to help your office appear professional and sophisticated. With the high foot traffic and frequent spills in the hospitality industry, it only makes sense to have removable carpet tile in rooms and dining areas. This will allow you to replace a section of flooring in minutes, leaving it looking clean and brand new without having to carpet the entire floor again.

You can transform any space with the right carpet. You can choose glow in the dark carpet to make your child’s room full of fun and wonder, red carpet for a church sanctuary that is respectful and toned down. Even the man cave can benefit from tile carpeting as you cheer with each touchdown, and if you use tiles they can be quickly replaced and look brand new.

Outside carpet can be used to add a little style and pizzazz to your property. You can even lay some waterproof boat tiles down and have some comfortable carpeting when you head out.

With an endless number of possibilities and carpet tiles that can fit any room’s unique style and design, this could be the best investment you make for flooring. At Best Carpet Value we are here to help you select a quality carpet for your needs.

Best Carpet Value has a wide assortment of Luxury Vinyl Tile to meet most any installation requirement. Always come to Best Carpet Value to buy Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Luxury vinyl provides home and business owners the ability to transform their floors into a work of art. Each 24” x 24” tile squares comes together to create a stunning image that can transform a dull room into one that dazzles the senses. These options range from bright colors and simple to designs, to photo quality images. This is vinyl flooring presented in a fashion you likely haven’t seen before.

When properly installed on your floor, these tiles will be long lasting and durable. They will also add a great depth of depth and wonder to the space. Installation is also incredibly simple. All you need to do is prepare the floor to be laid out and then you can stick each of the tiles into place. This can be done with little to no mess and installation won’t take you all day.

Best of all, if one tile becomes stained or damaged, they can easily be changed out without having to replace the entire flooring in the process. For spaces that require vinyl flooring, these tile options are going to be the best overall choice you will have. Take the time to consider the options available and use this vinyl tile flooring to help bring new life to your room.

Vinyl flooring is among the sturdiest, the longest lasting and the most cost-effective style of flooring available today. With myriad textures and styles, vinyl flooring can go from the mud room to the living room and offer equal appeal.

Choose from textures, such as faux wood or stone vinyl flooring, or get the exact colors and styles that you're looking for to match your home decor. Easy care and easy cleaning vinyl flooring makes a bold fashion statement today while costing less.

Your choice of vinyl flooring from Best Carpet Value will give be cost-effective, attractive and add value to any room in which it appears.

Best Carpet Value is your source for wood flooring! Call us today!

Wood flooring from Best Carpet Value can provide a great look and a cost-effective price. Whether you need flooring for business or you're looking for residential wood flooring, Best Carpet Value provides great styles and great quality at prices that you can readily afford. Choose many different styles of wood flooring and find the accessories such as hardwood trims and moulding that you need from Best Carpet Value.

We carry hardwood and laminate wood flooring. True hardwood flooring is tough and will last for years if taken care of. Hardwood flooring typically comes stained or it can come ready to stain. The homeowner can choose the color through the stain. Laminate flooring looks like hardwood floor and comes in multiple varieties of colors and wood textures; when installed it looks as if it is hardwood flooring.

Experience Beauty and Versatility with Best Carpet Value Cove Base

We have over 100 color choices to offer as well as various widths and even can apply a peel-n-stick adhesive for your ease of installation. Come to Best Carpet Value to buy cove base.

Commercial installations have become very efficient with the use of carpet cove base. It protects the base of your wall from damage and creates a nice finish. You don't have to worry about mismatches because this base looks like the carpet covering your floor.

Our cove base is created to our specification, saving you money in the process.

You can install this yourself. There are installation guidebooks sold in home improvement stores as well as video tutorials in DIY websites. A flooring contractor is an option, but not a necessity.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy easy installation, durability, and real value for your money. For your carpet cove needs, call Best Carpet Value.

We offer only top quality, time tested adhesives to help you install carpet, carpet tile, or luxury vinyl tile.

Adhesives for indoor/outdoor carpet and backing that includes cork underlay used for boosting the effectiveness of heating systems under the floor or reducing the transmission of sound can be securely put in place when using Nature Plus Outdoor Adhesive. It is perfect for the installation of artificial grass carpet with rubber backing.

If you are looking for adhesives designed for broadloom carpet, Nubroadlok Premium Plus Adhesive is available in 4-gallon buckets. Four gallons will cover approximately 1400 square feet. If a smaller amount is needed, a Spray Lock carpet tile adhesive is available and covers about 300 square feet.

If you need adhesive for an area that has a higher moisture level, concrete or vinyl composition tile, LokDots adhesive is an option you should consider. It can be used in the LokDots applicator and has been shown to use 97% less adhesive. Another advantage to this type of adhesive is the ability to use it while the area is occupied because it is odorless.

From multi-purpose to pressure releasable adhesive, a number of choices are available. Some adhesives can be sprayed while others must be spread. No matter the type of carpet tiles you are putting down, you will find the right type of adhesive at Best Carpet.

Best Carpet Value has all the major brands in carpet, carpet tile, and a wide assortment in Luxury Vinyl Tile. All these fine suppliers trust us to carry their product because they know we have the experience and the expertise to help you make the wisest selection for your flooring needs.
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