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Why Carpet Tile?
When the opportunity arises to design a new floor an option you should consider our carpet tiles.

Relatively inexpensive, these tiles provide all the modern perks of normal carpet at almost half the cost. For over 50 years tiles have been used to design floors. Also called carpeting in a box or modular flooring, nowadays carpet tiles have become even more popular due to their many advantages and lack of disadvantages.

Carpet tile works well in children’s bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms and other areas of the house. Use it in your home office or workout areas in your basement or garage. You can choose from one color that matches an overall color scheme, or from several colors, which allow you to form patterns.

Ease of Replacement:
  • Damaged or soiled Carpet tiles may be easily removed by simply replacing the affected Carpet tile with a fresh tile. With traditional carpet flooring, if you were to spill wine and it stained, at times you would have to replace the entire floor. With carpet tile, you simply replace the stained tile.
Design Flexibility:
  • The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination to create your own unique designs. For further idea, see the installation gallery page. The primary reason for the gallery of carpet tile installations is to give you a little inspiration for your own DIY project.
Do It Yourself & Save Money:
  • No special tools required. A chalk line, straight edge, utility knife, and adhesive is all that's required for a professional looking job.
Easy to Maintain:
  • Maintenance is Simple, Quick, and Easy. Vacuum regularly, blot spots and spills as quickly as possible, then flush with cool water. It's that Easy. No special cleaning or chemical treatments required.
Pet Owners Rejoice:
  • Enjoy warmth and comfort underfoot without the worry of accidents permanently staining your floor. Your carpet tiles may be individually removed for spot cleaning or replacement when accidents occur. It's really the best of both worlds. It is one of the great advantages of carpet tiles.
Soft, Warm & Quiet:
  • Soft to the touch, warmer and more energy efficient than hard surface floors. Carpet tiles naturally absorb and dampen noises.
Extended Life Cycle:
  • Carpet tiles may be moved from high traffic areas to more moderate traffic areas, maximizing wearability and appearance retention.
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