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Express Yourself with Carpet Tiles
Posted by Pbusk On Wed 17 Feb, 2016

Express Yourself with Carpet Tile

Ease of use,affordability, versatility, and economies of scale are well documented benefits and advantages of carpet tiles over rolled carpet, but what you may not know about carpet tile is its extraordinary capacity for creating dynamic floor designs that not only tap into your inner creativity, but that can be whimsical,nostalgic, bold, and downright breathtaking!

Architects and interior designers have for years, successfully mixed and matched carpet tile colors, sizes, fiber-types, and pile styles to create dynamic floor patterns for high traffic commercial environments like airports, schools, coffee shops, gyms, and hospitals.Most commercial environments however, rarely allow for the artistic freedom and flexibility homeowners have with their flooring.

Carpet tiles for residential use, especially among do-it-yourselfers renovating and remodeling their homes, is one of the fastest growing flooring trends. Nothing inspires a homeowner’s inner artiste more than knocking out walls to enlarge rooms; changing existing spaces like basements into comfortable media rooms and man caves; and turning empty bedrooms into home offices.

Rolled carpet limits your flooring to a couple of basic colors and textures. Carpet tiles give you the freedom of a color palette and blank canvas to add depth and texture to any room while creating unique flooring patterns that are not only exclusive to your vision, but are altogether smashing when it comes to your personal spaces!

Furthermore, carpet tiles give you the flexibility of quarter turning any given tile(s) to create countless geometric and asymmetric textures,colors, patterns, and looks. The bolder your get with colors and patterns, the more your room will reflect your personality and vision.

Some of our favorites are the Three-Tile, Four-on-the-Floor, or Mix Six. Choose three,four, or six carpet tile colors and textures that match the colors in your fabrics and wall paint. Lay them out in a checkerboard pattern so they pick up those colors while blending in with your furnishings.

The Misdirection dares to mix the orientation of directional stripes; or Pick-A-Pattern lets you take any carpet tile pattern and misalign that pattern at the edges to create an alternating print.

Be sly with a Create-A-Rug design in which you align patterned carpet tiles underneath a furniture setting, while maintaining a solid color along the periphery.

Carpet Tilometry 101is not for the faint of heart! Use a palette knife to cut symmetrical or asymmetrical triangles, and then mix them with squares and rectangles for a unique geometric look.

Finally, the Center Seat is one of our favorites! Choose a multi-color carpet tile and use it at the center of your room, surrounding it with solid colored carpet tiles from each of those multiple colors. For larger rooms, you can strategically place more multicolored tiles throughout and repeat the pattern.

Show your wild side in your new man cave; go retro in your new media room; express your whimsical nature in an extra bedroom; or be bold and courageous with a home office. Before you go out and buy a roll of carpet,take a second look at carpet tiles. Affordable, easy to use, and convenient to replace, carpet tiles provide a flexibility and versatility that will awaken your need for self-expression!

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