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A Room Suited For a Princess
Posted by Pbusk On Mon 14 Mar, 2016

There is seemingly something scientific about most female’s preference for the redder shades of blue when faced with the red-green axis of human color vision. Unquestionably, the universal “princess” culture surrounding little girls contributes to a love for all things perfectly pink, but from the age of two, girls instinctively begin to choose over any other color, the big pink hair ribbon, the pink polka dot comforter, and the shiny pink patent leathers. The Little Princess Collection was created for just this reason!

Every parent hopes to find that balance between decorating their child’s room in her favorite colors and themes, and the practicality of everyday life when you have children. While you may have to give in to pink lace window curtains, it’s another matter altogether when it comes to flooring.

Softly padded carpet tiles offer a soft flooring option on which she will learn to crawl as an infant, and walk as a toddler, avoiding the many bumps and bruises that go along with hardwood flooring of any kind. Carpet also creates traction, decreasing the chances of slipping and falling, or tripping over loose area rugs.

Indeed, the benefits of carpeting, and especially of carpet tiles, far outweigh the disadvantages starting with the element of quietude. From infancy up through her teenage years, being able to creep in quietly on soundproof carpet to make sure she is sleeping soundly, hasn’t kicked off the warm blanket, or isn’t sneaking her new beau in through the bedroom window is always a parent’s prerogative!

The Little Princess Carpet Tile Collection

Carpet tiles tie together every day work-ability with traditionally feminine style. The Little Princess Collection at Best Carpet Value helps create a myriad of designs and textures. Easy-to-install peel-and-stick Little Princess carpet tiles come in shades of short pink shag that when alternated with black from the same collection, create an Alice’s Looking Glass checkerboard square pattern, or a solid landscape of bubblegum and strawberry taffy!

Carpet tile especially, is affordable and economical for children’s rooms. When small sections of carpet tiles wear out, become damaged, suffer from spilled finger paint and Play-Doh, or become too soiled to clean properly, simply pull them up and replace them with new ones.

With a manufacturer’s warranty, easy-to-read instructions for Do-it-Yourself installation, and the freedom to create colorful patterns your pretty-in-pink princess is sure to enjoy, the Little Princess carpet tile collection will create a bedroom or playroom fit for a royal tea party with her favorite stuffed animals, a private ballet recital with Hello Kitty, or lip-gloss heaven for sweet sixteen!

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