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Has Your Carpet Seen Its Last Holiday
Posted by Pbusk On Thu 10 Dec, 2015
Has Your Carpet Seen Its Last Holiday?

You hear a lot from Realtor's and home buyers about “curb appeal”. That is the theory that first impressions are hard to change so the seller should have the exterior of the home, sidewalks, and driveways pressure washed; keep the yard mowed; and the hedges and shrubs trimmed and clear of debris.

This idea that flaws in the overall presentation have profound effects on the acceptance of the subtleties is true of your carpeting. Even the most elegant and tastefully displayed holiday lighting and decor can fall flat if your carpeting is beyond redemption.

Carpeting is after all, constantly underfoot, so whether it was an inexpensive economy line meant to last three years, or an expensive heavy loop weave designed to last 30 years, it will eventually wear out. Sometimes it takes a transformation event like sprucing up your home for the holidays to come to terms with it, so although we are not suggesting you turn your home upside down by replacing the carpet three weeks before Christmas — you may want to sing a chorus of Auld Lang Syne now. Come first of the year, it is out with the old carpet and in with the new!

How Resilient is Your Carpet in High Traffic Areas

A crushed and matted pile is one of the first signs of a dying carpet, especially if it was a lower grade polyester when purchased. Some nylon weaves can be revived by a good carpet cleaning, but once the tuft collapses and professional cleaning will no longer lift it into its upright position, it’s time to start shopping for new carpeting! Even looped Berber made from durable Olefin fiber tend to attract rather than repel dirt over time, and because the material is oily in nature, it is difficult to clean thoroughly.

If you find yourself moving furniture for the sole purpose of covering over worn, matted carpeting, or using decorative rugs and mats to cover over tears, it’s time for new carpeting!

Can You No Longer Completely Remove Stains?

Regardless of what the manufacturers says in their marketing materials, or how much you pay for it, carpeting is made of absorbent fibers that are not 100% resistant to staining! Stains can ruin even the most expensive carpets and some stains like those caused by mustard, tea, bleach, fertilizer, drain cleaners, and some medications, are not covered by warranties because trying to completely remove them is fruitless.

The good news is that most carpets sold today have some form of anti-stain treatment either infused into the fibers and can’t be washed off, or that is applied topically. Carpet professionals usually recommend periodic reapplications of Scotchgard or other anti-staining protectants when they sell you new carpeting, to help fight staining caused by spills and accidents.

Keep in mind that stains caused by biological substances like urine, vomit, feces, mold, and mildew leave behind bacteria that spreads and causes odors. Some are even harmful to your health. If your professional carpet cleaner cannot remove all traces of the stain, you may want to replace it as soon as possible.

How Old is Your Carpet - More than 10 Years?

Low-grade carpets often used in rental properties have a lifespan of two to three years. Medium-grade carpet, which is the choice of most homeowners, is designed to last about 10 years. There are higher-grades of carpeting said to last 25 to 30 years but they are usually found in commercial environments with low foot traffic and high budgets!

The truth is that after about 10 years and periodic cleaning, carpet will begin to ripple, wrinkle, fade, or mat in your high traffic areas like hallways and stairs. The padding wearing out as well as the carpet itself may cause some of that.

If your carpet is over 10 years old, start shopping for new carpeting!

Don’t Forget to Pad Your Purchase!

According to Alan J. Fletcher, author of The Complete Carpet Buying Guide, padding is the heartbeat of your carpet and buying the correct padding to go under your new carpet is of the utmost importance. Your carpeting will wear out faster if your padding, which is what supports the carpet, is too weak or wears out faster than the carpet itself. Always purchase a good quality padding to equal the lifespan of your new carpet.
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